10 Things You Must do in Seattle

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I had the chance to travel to Seattle solo (met up with colleagues there) last year while I was a Doc student (if you’re wondering how to travel as a Ph.D. student, check out this blog). I had an absolute blast, thanks to some pretty awesome old friends who showed me the ropes. If you ever find yourself in Seattle, here are 10 things you MUST do:

  1. Visit Pike Place MarketIMG_1756

One of the oldest public markets in the US, Pike Place market is a MUST see while you’re in Seattle. You can swing by and purchase fish, fruits, veggies, sweets, flowers, and so much more from local venders and enjoy a view of the riverfront. You will literally see fish thrown around and prepped for sell (when the market is open). There are a ton of excellent restaurants and shops close to the market, so make a morning out of your trip there. Make sure to stop by the gum wall and make a deposit.

2016-03-20 18.06.48

  1. Go up the Space Needle then visit Chihuly Garden and Glass

The Space Needle offers some amazing views of Seattle and is quite a little experience in itself. As one of the most recognizable buildings in the world, you can ride an elevator up 605 feet to an observation deck and get some amazing pictures. Once you finish, make sure to walk over and check out Chihuly Garden and Glass which shocases the glass work of Dale Chihuly. It has some of the BEST exhibits. Try going at night and enjoying the night time exhibits. They are just phenomenal.

  1. Stand in line and get coffee from the original Starbucks


Hey, you’re in Seattle home of the first Starbucks. Go stand in line and get yourelf a cup of Pike Place Special brew coffee.

  1. Stroll along the Seattle Waterfront and have dinner at Ivar’s Acres of Clams

Walk down the Seattle waterfront at sunset and enjoy the beauty of Seattle. Have dinner at one of the amazing restaurants (we had Ivar’s and loved it).

  1. Ride the Seattle Great WheelIMG_1770.JPG

I feel like Ferris wheels are getting really popular in tourist cities- and I kind of love it. They are a fun thing to “do” while you travel and provide some awesome views. The Seattle Great Wheel is not a disappointment. Find time to go- sunset is a perfect time!

  1. Take a Washington State Ferry Ride

Take a ride on Seattle’s passenger ferry and see more of Seattle! If you’re lucky maybe you’ll run into Patrick Dempsey while you’re looking for the Sleepless in Seattle Houseboat. 😂

  1. Eat Ice Cream at Molly Moon’s


Molly Moon’s Ice cream is absolutely some of the best ice cream and flavors I’ve ever had. A local took us, and all we could say was WOW. You know when an ice cream place is good when there is a line out the door in March. So, just do yourself a flavor (I mean favor) and stop by.

  1. Find a Speak Easy downtown

2016-03-20 00.20.23

Speak Easys can be a lot of fun if you’re wanting to enjoy a night out. We ran into one downtown and had a blast- we were fortunate that there was a table available. Visit one while you’re in Seattle if you’re looking for a night out!

  1. Go out for Karaoke at Rock Box


Karaoke is always fun with a group, but Korean style karaoke is next level fun. Seattle was the first place I’ve been to one, and we had an absolute BLAST. The individual party rooms vary in size, and should be reserved ahead of time. If you’re looking for a fun night out, check out Rock Box for karaoke.

  1. Eat a Seattle Dog


When in Seattle! Stop at a hot dog stand (after karaoke or the Speak Easy) and enjoy a Seattle Dog topped with cream cheese, onions, mustard, and sour kraut. This is normally something I would pass on, but for some reason it was just delicious. Must have been something in the water?

Seattle is such a fun place to visit, and had some of the BEST local food options (for all those #foodies out there), views, and entertainment. I can’t wait to go back and see even more!

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