5 Things you Must do in Prague

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Prague is an older city in eastern Europe with a ton of history and some beautiful architecture. It’s been one of our favorite European cities to visit with its rich history, beautiful buildings, and amazing food. We found travel easy thanks to several helpful locals. If you can ever travel to Prague, Czech Republic, here are 5 things you must do:

  1. Take a walk down the Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is a historic bridge that crosses over the Vltava river. The bridge has some pretty amazing baroque-style statues. Charles Bridge is rich in history, dating back as early as 1357 and has endured some damage that has been fixed over the years. Take a walk down the bridge (you cannot drive) and take a picture! After you stroll down the bridge, enjoy a Staroprazske Tradicini for Trdelniks. You won’t regret it. 😍


  1. Take a picture in front of the Dancing House


While you’re in Prague, go see the Dancing House for a building with the most unique architecture. You’ll walk right by it if you’re heading to Charles Bridge. You can’t really go in or climb it, but it’s cool to see.

  1. Go see the Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square, and the Jewish Quarter

The Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square, and Jewish Quarter are all right there together. Make an afternoon walking over to see the clock then exploring Old Town Square. The clock is the oldest one in the world that still works! There are several tour guides in this area who will offer to give walking tours (or horse-drawn carriage rides) throughout the area. Put your walking shoes on and enjoy all of the amazing architecture on this side of town.

  1. Walk through Prague Castle


My absolute favorite thing to do in Prague was walk up to the castle. Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. Not only is the castle stunning, but you will have some breathtaking views of Prague. Most of the castle is open to tourists, as long as you get there in time.

  1. Shop and Have lunch along Vaclavske nam

Prague has some excellent shopping. We found our way to Vaclavske nam and really enjoyed our time. We ate at Como Restaurant and Cocktail Bar (up scale Mediterranean) with a mix of everything. Our food was divine and we loved sitting out on the street enjoying atmosphere. If you make it there, splurge on dessert!

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