8 Tips for Traveling (well) with your Partner

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Traveling can be an amazing bonding experience for you and your partner. Traveling as a couple can offer lots of laughs and shared experiences that you can talk about years down the road. It can also provide shared logic and safety as you tour an unfamiliar area. Here are 8 tips for traveling (well) with your partner:

  1. Plan together

Before you start your travels, sit down and plan together with your partner. Hear what each other wants out of the vacation, and decide together what your travel standards are. Discuss the budget, and how you are going to stay within it. Make sure that you both have available funds to travel with.

  1. Make sacrifices… and meet in the middle

While one of you may be fine “roughing it”, and the other may prefer the 5-star resort, try to find common ground that you are both satisfied with. If you’re traveling to different cities, maybe one of you decides on the hotel for the first part of your stay and the other picks the second part. Make sure you’re both “OK” before you book.

3. Get lost together

At some point in your vacation, do something sporadic. Rent a car, hop on a random train, walk into an unexpected casino. These sporadic decisions have made for some of my absolute favorite memories. There is something so exciting and exhilarating about doing something you wouldn’t normally do in a place you wouldn’t normally be with your partner.

denver12.jpg     4. Know each other’s bad habits- and plan for them

You know what bad habits or annoying behaviors your significant other has, right? Well those same things that bother you at home will bother you while you travel. Talk about them before you travel, and try (your BEST) to let it go while you travel. If you need to walk away (or wait in the lobby while she gets ready), do it!

5. Spend time apart

There will certainly be things that you want to do that your partner is not interested in. Take time to do what you want while your partner does something else, and plan a time to meet back up. After all, it’s both of your vacations- get everything you can out of it. Then when you’re back together, you can tell your partner everything! When we were in DC, for instance, I really wanted to go to the Spy Museum and my husband just wasn’t into it. He spent the time enjoying China Town (something I wanted to skip out on). It worked out perfect, and we enjoyed hearing about the new areas when we met back up.IMG_6100     6.Go on a date

How often are you in this new city? Plan for a romantic date at least once during you trip. Get dressed up. Enjoy a special dinner. Do a picnic at the beach or overlooking the new city. Buy a bottle of wine. Do something that you both enjoy doing and enjoy some intimacy. This will be something you will cherish forever.

7. Get enough sleep

Rest is very important on vacation, as you are likely out and about all day. Your body needs time to recover after walking 30 miles here, there, and everywhere through a new city! A lack of sleep makes for a lot of irritability, that is most certain to spill over to your partner. Be proactive, and plan to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

8. Have each other’s back

There are always things that can go wrong while traveling- lost bags? Delayed flights? Missed trains? Food poisoning? Make sure that when this happens, one of you can lighten the load a bit. Be there for your partner- make light of a hard situation. Go out of your way to calm your partner. Having your partner there can certainly ease the situation and make difficult, unforeseen events a little less stressful.DC7

If you have the opportunity to travel with your partner- do it. Travel strengthens bonds, and gives you something to share forever. You may discover what your partner really, truly loves, hidden talents, and a reason to fall in love all over again.

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